Matthew & Jannicee Engagement

So I’am a little late posting this, but I couldn’t let these pics stay on my computer without sharing.  A few weeks ago my cousin was engaged.  A group of us arranged a “night out” to downtown brooklyn one night, to grab a bite to eat, and stop off at the famous Crumbs Bake Shop for some of the best cupcakes in the WORLD! (had to add that…)   and afterwards the plan was for us to walk down to the promenade to take in the view of the east river.  This is where my cousin chose to propose to his now fiance Jannicee, and I was there to document it.  Here are just a few pictures from the engagement.


January is here and we aren’t too far away from Matt and Jannicee’s wedding date which is set for March 24th 2012, so I’m sure you can expect to see more pics of this couple in the near future.


JayShep Photography is Nowon

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