My trip to Puerto Rico!

This past November I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. A friend of mine lives down there, and has been trying to get me to visit for a few years now, but various things kept coming up. So needless to say this trip was long over due! I spent a week there and really could’ve spent much longer if circumstances would have allowed, but I have no regrets. Oh! and I didn’t go down there alone. A good friend of mine also had some time off from work, and was able to travel down for the week as well. So us New York boys stuck together. Enjoy the pics!

The trip started off on the right foot! The breakfast served on the flight that day was a spinach omelette with sweet potato home fries, Canadian bacon, a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, and a FRESH fruit salad! This was complimented with an orange Mimosa.

When I left New York it was about 40 degrees, and I could immediately tell when we reached the warmer climate.  I took a brief nap against the window, and woke up to my face BURNING!!! and this was what I saw when I woke, I had arrived!!!

This was the view from a friends home. I stayed here for the first couple of nights! I couldn’t get over how close they lived to the water!

Here is the Salon del Reino de Los Testigos Jehova(In english: Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs’s Witnesses) During the trip I went to the meetings here, and also joined the groups during the week for field service. I was surprised to find out that soo many Puerto Ricans were from NEW YORK! A vast majority of the people whom I spoke to all said that they were from somewhere in New York City. I thought this was interesting.

The hibiscus, Puerto Rico’s National flower.

Here are some shots I took at El Yunque Rain Forest.  This was pretty cool, at certain parts of the rain forest you can go and walk right into the waterfalls.  Many tourists seem to take advantage of this, and so did we… Click for more info on El Yunque

There were plenty of beaches to choose from, all of them beautiful!

The above photo was at the Puerto Rico Branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses

This one is pretty self explanatory…  We visited the Bacardi factory while down there and really enjoyed it!  The image below is of a tree that I thought was interesting.  I love the curve in it!

That night visited Old San Juan, which to me seemed to be like a little Manhattan.  The streets were busy, restaurants, bars, and clubs were full, and there plenty of shoppers around.  This was our final night in Puerto Rico leaving a perfect impression in our minds.  Hopefully soon I can get back there, and see some more!

The flight home…

There were soo many pictures I took on this trip, too bad I couldn’t share all of them.  However I do hope you like what you saw.

Until next time.


JayShep Photography is Nowon

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