Matthew & Jannicee get Married! Part 1

Now I know you’d probably expect to see tons of shots of the wedding ceremony, preparation, limos, etc… but due to being the Best Man in this wedding, I was obviously unable to capture these shots (That was the official photographers job ;-) However my dad was able to capture some of those shots, and I have included a few of them here (credit to Dad). Now I on the other hand, after much coercion to take my camera out of its bag and shoot, did manage to capture some fun moments during preparation from a guys perspective, and lots of fun during the reception. I hope you enjoy!

The wedding was held at the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses in Jamaica, NY. Afterwards the reception was hosted at Rocco’s catering in East Rockaway, NY.

After out trip to the grocery store, we made sure to have a healthy balanced breafast which consisted of fruit and bacon! Based on the picture you can see which one I was most concerned with…
For some reason we just couldn’t get those ties straight!

The funny faces begin… I don’t know if someone was telling a joke or if I was that scared of Jessica stabbing me with that HUGE PIN!

This was everything leading up to the reception, and BOY was it a long day! Stay tuned for the 2nd and final chapter of this Beautiful Day!!!


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