2012’s Wrap UP!!!

Where has the time gone!?!?!? It seems like just yesterday we ushered in the year 2012, and now I sit here with hours to go before its successor is here.  Anyways 2012 has been a great year for me!  I have learned much, mastered a few new skills, and made many new friends!  All of which have helped me to grow not only as a photographer, but as a person.  I know that 2012 was just the start of MANY, MANY more fun and exciting experiences in my photo career!  I know I’ve been missing on the blog scene for a while so what I’ve done is created a slight catch up of a few of the significant events that I have neglected to catch you all up on (My FIRST wedding gigs!, anniversary parties, my trip to beautiful Rio De Janeiro, photowalks, and many more!). Enjoy, and look for much more from JayShep Photography coming at you soon!


Matthew & Jannicee get Married! Part 1

Now I know you’d probably expect to see tons of shots of the wedding ceremony, preparation, limos, etc… but due to being the Best Man in this wedding, I was obviously unable to capture these shots (That was the official photographers job ;-) However my dad was able to capture some of those shots, and I have included a few of them here (credit to Dad). Now I on the other hand, after much coercion to take my camera out of its bag and shoot, did manage to capture some fun moments during preparation from a guys perspective, and lots of fun during the reception. I hope you enjoy!

The wedding was held at the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses in Jamaica, NY. Afterwards the reception was hosted at Rocco’s catering in East Rockaway, NY.

After out trip to the grocery store, we made sure to have a healthy balanced breafast which consisted of fruit and bacon! Based on the picture you can see which one I was most concerned with…
For some reason we just couldn’t get those ties straight!

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Matt & Jannicee Wedding Reception Sneak Peek

This past Saturday my cousin Matthew got married! Due to being the Best Man in the wedding I have limited shots, however I was able to capture a few of the fun moments that were enjoyed at the reception. This was held at Rocco’s catering in East Rockaway, NY. Here’s just a glimpse of whats to come. Enjoy!

Stay Tuned for more!

The Glamazon Diaries 2nd Annual Fashion Week Media Retreat

Last week I had the opportunity to fill in for a photographer buddy of mine, and cover a fashion get together “The Glamazon Diaries 2nd Annual Fashion Week Media Retreat”. The event was hosted by Makeda Saggau-Sackey of The Glamazon Diaries at The Bowery House in SOHO, New York City. The Glamazon Diaries is a popular online fashion publication that features the latest in the worlds of beauty, art, philanthropy, entertainment, culture, and politics. This was a private held out for fashion’s elite editors, bloggers, stylists, media personalities, and fashion enthusiasts to unwind, recap, eat, drink, and social network on the last official day of New York Fashion Week. There was also many contributions from sponsors, some of which you may recognize, that helped lead to a very satisfied crowd (Especially the food & desserts!).  Here are a few shots of the day.  Enjoy!


Makeda Saggau-Sackey (founder of The Glamazon Diaries)

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My trip to Puerto Rico!

This past November I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. A friend of mine lives down there, and has been trying to get me to visit for a few years now, but various things kept coming up. So needless to say this trip was long over due! I spent a week there and really could’ve spent much longer if circumstances would have allowed, but I have no regrets. Oh! and I didn’t go down there alone. A good friend of mine also had some time off from work, and was able to travel down for the week as well. So us New York boys stuck together. Enjoy the pics!

The trip started off on the right foot! The breakfast served on the flight that day was a spinach omelette with sweet potato home fries, Canadian bacon, a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, and a FRESH fruit salad! This was complimented with an orange Mimosa. Continue reading

Matthew & Jannicee Engagement

So I’am a little late posting this, but I couldn’t let these pics stay on my computer without sharing.  A few weeks ago my cousin was engaged.  A group of us arranged a “night out” to downtown brooklyn one night, to grab a bite to eat, and stop off at the famous Crumbs Bake Shop for some of the best cupcakes in the WORLD! (had to add that…)   and afterwards the plan was for us to walk down to the promenade to take in the view of the east river.  This is where my cousin chose to propose to his now fiance Jannicee, and I was there to document it.  Here are just a few pictures from the engagement.


January is here and we aren’t too far away from Matt and Jannicee’s wedding date which is set for March 24th 2012, so I’m sure you can expect to see more pics of this couple in the near future.


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